Thursday, 22 September 2011

Time to say good bye

A Week of celebration, saying good bye and packing is going to an end... On Monday i celebrated with my colleagues from Red Bull in Fuschl and on Wednesday with a lot of friends from Salzburg. There is only one place to celebrate before leaving Austria
http://www.augustinerbier.at/index.php?id=braeustuebl_startseite  :-)
it was awesome and I thank everyone who managed to show up, as well those of you who couldn't make it. It was a great evening.

 Today i had to clean my flat with the help of my dad and my mum.
God helped me a lot during this week with a bunch of helping hands
Thanks everybody!!
before cleaning and packing
after cleaning and packing ;-)
and went for a good-bye dinner with my kids
and my grandma
good night and good bye Salzburg

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