Monday, 26 September 2011

Zeeland - Bruegge - Calais - Dover - Ashtead - Birmingham - Stockport

Roadtrip sucessfully completed :-)
Thanks to God i have made it save and sound to my final destination in Stockport.
Yesterday Hans and myself had a great day driving from Amsterdam via Zeeland (northsea coast of Netherlands) to Bruegge.
Both stops were really cool.
Today we started at 05.00pm to reach the ferry to Dover. However we didn't make it and missed the 6.40 ferry. But God had a plan, because of taking the next ferry we were able to enjoy a great sunrise in Calais.
Hans managed to drive his first 150km successfully on the left side ;-)
and so we reached the town Ashtead where he will be teaching before lunch.
I left him for my last journey to Stockport. Since i had enough time I made a stop in Birmingham, but this city isn't very beatiful (at least for me)
Then I took a hitch-hiker the last 60miles to Stockport and had the chance to start practising my English ;-)
Now I'm in my new home and feeling already a little bit like home, since i got a great dinner cooked by the son of my landlord.
I'm really thankful for this great journey and looking forward to my time being here.

fishmeal ;-)



on the ferry

sunset over Calais

cliffs of Dover


my home for the next 8 months

my room :-)

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  1. There are more dover ferries available for across dover channel which would make passengers little more comfortable.